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We Build On Joy!


Huszár street
After a long search and many years of moving, we located in March of 2001 a ruined building belonging to a beer brewery in the heart of Budapest. Thanks to the incredible generosity of many practitioners, we were able to buy this property located in Huszár Street just next to Rozsák tere (Roses' Square). This became both our current meditation centre and the registered seat of our religious organisation. Covering an area of 3 600 m2, it is at present Europe's largest Diamond Way Buddhist centre. It is a place where we wish to preserve the living transmission of Diamond Way Buddhism by developing an international and national cultural and meditation centre. Lama Ole Nydahl inaugurated our centre at a ceremony held on 30 June 2001.


We are building again!
In order to achieve our common goal, we were able to renovate the building, which was in a poor state, and its façade, which is classified as an historical, protected monument. These major renovations took place over the last years. We created a modern meditation hall, a high quality dharma shop and library, as well as many flats where our friends who are active in community work could live. 

huszar new1

As the years passed, the centre was filled with life, and we occupied every square centimetre of the building. Due to the continuous interest in the lay methods of Diamond Way Buddhism and its highest view, we have already grown too big for the common areas of the building!

However, by reconstructing the buildings forming a "U"-shape around the central courtyard, we could multiply the possibilities for meditation courses, teachings, encounters, and exhibitions. It will be possible to transmit the highest level teachings in a family atmosphere once the new wing is constructed. 

huszar new2

The new area will contain:

• a 460 m2 meditation room,
• a 250 m2 multi-functional area,
• a 180 m2 community area,
• a 80 m2 , modern dharma shop and a high quality library faithful to the lineage, and
• a 40 m2 play area for children, as well as offices and storage areas.

Once the national centre is working at full capacity, it will enrich our work considerably and support the construction of all the other centres.

huszar new3


The Kagyu Base Project is essentially about building a strong base for Diamond Way Buddhism in the heart of Hungary. It is to be a place where we, as active members of the Karma Kagyu family, make the Buddha's highest teachings available in a modern, understandable form for the benefit of all beings. This means nothing other than working together, inspiring others and being inspired, and in so doing transforming every life situation into a step on the path to enlightenment.

We build on joy!

We do not view construction as a goal but rather as a possibility which provides us with a space where meaningful work can happen, thus allowing us to transmit lasting values. In addition to this, when we as practitioners work together, it helps us to strengthen our friendship and the bonds which link us. It is for this reason that we are building on a joyful base of friendship for the benefit of all beings.

How can you help?

We would like to be able to build this new wing without needing to take out any loans. This approach taken from the very beginning will provide us a great deal of freedom, since the burden of debt significantly limits the work that we can do. Once we have completed the wing in the courtyard, the place will develop step-by-step and inspire and support our centres. The pace of our construction work will always be in accordance with our financial resources.

For the second time in history, the joint efforts to expand the national centre show our strength, confidence, and idealistic friendship.

You may support the project with your good wishes, your work, your meditation, or even a financial contribution. The most important part of it is for us to make use of the opportunity to be involved in the project.
If you would like to support the national meditation centre's reconstruction by making a donation, you may do so directly at one of our local meditation centres or by bank transfer.

Bank details are as follows:
Name of bank: UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Beneficiary's name: Gyémánt Út Buddhista Közösség
Bank account number: 10918001-00000017-40990008
Comment field: donationKAGYU BASE PROJECT

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Don't forget! WE BUILD ON JOY! :)



Kagyu Base Project

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