First steps of Kagyu Base - Becske

Készült: 2012. 07. 01.

We decided the Kagyu Base Project is ready to be promoted for sangha friends worldwide in Becske. It was obvious we need to set up a stand for the big course but we were not sure about the final version until the last minute.

We prepared the most important items:

  • Scale model
  • "Bear Andor" photo wall
  • Banners
  • LCD TV for the movies and presentations

Still some place left for last minute ideas which was the "Kagyu Stone" the painted cobble from the Budapest Centre. The "mini Huszar street" was built, basically a corner covered with cobble from the centers yard. In this way the Kagyu Stone became the symbol of the whole project. The few painted cobbles has been sold in a minute (for donation of course). The idea was born here " lets make more painted stones so everyone can have a piece of the Budapest Centre at home". Donations for the stone which support the building projekt were greatly appreciated.

The Kagyu Base corner was a real hit, even H.H. 17th Karmapa and Lama Ole visited during their "walk around the Becske course" tour. They were really pleased about the projekt and the presentations.
During the course KBP had a chance to make a presentation about the past, the present, and the future of the Budapest center with the support of Lama Ole and old friends..

Kagyu Base Project

We build on joy!



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