KBP rocks the EC!

Készült: 2012. 08. 13.

kbp ec

After the Becske course we were prepared as to how a really huge course will look like, but still the EC course with nearly 6000 people seemed unimaginable. To be together, that many people, and listen together to our lamas precious teachings was really amazing. The Kagyu Base stand was a great success in Becske, so it was obvious we do the same in EC. A few of our scouts who arrived before the course already were sniffing around to find the spot. After some friendly lobby we fond the best possible location for our presentations. The Kagyu Base corner was located in the corner of the food tent near Meet & Connect. The International Summer course with friends from all over the world was the perfect place to promote one of the biggest construction projects in the history of Diamond Way Buddhism in the west. In the Kagyu Base corner we had a usual set up. Banners and a TV where we repeated the movies we made since the projekt started. We tried to be there as much as we could and talked about the projekt to our old an new friends. It was really great to see that sometimes a huge group was watching the movies with pleasure. Friends from Australia and South America also presented, and it was a chance to share friendship and experiences from everywhere, to bring the news of our construction, and maybe a six kilos Kagyu Stone, home.


kbp ec2

Just like in Becske we had a chance to make a presentation in the gompa tent for all the friends. KBP team showed a movie about the future look of the centre. It was a success, people really liked it, even days after the presentation they still talked about it. We could manage to make our own Kagyu Base shirts and we were wearing it with pride. The feedback about the shirt was also positive, people even wanted to buy one! We were so happy about it, because our goal is to make more and more friends an ambassador of Kagyu Base, and make it possible to join to this mandala.

Kagyu Base Project

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