KagyuBase Stone Show - Pécs

Készült: 2012. 09. 17.

Woohoooo! First stop of the Kagyu Base Stone Show! The buddhist center in Pécs moved to the new place in a very good location close to the city centre. Our plan was to invite the whole hungarian Sangha to celebrate with us, but the KagyuBase team was quicker and made us an offer to be the first stop of the road show.Of course, we could not refuse. Just the fact made us work harder to finish the interior work before the event.


Lots of friends visited us from the whole country so we had a chance to test the building capacity. The gompa was full already, and we occupied the whole three-storey building. The house came alive, friends were chatting, eating, or meditating everywhere. Laughter burst out time to time from various locations of the house as a song of karma kagyu practitioners.


After the usual Saturday Ngondro program we went altogether to the Bobita puppet theatre where we had a relaxed evening togeher with drinks and cakes. Kagyu Base Project introduced itself to the members and explained what they really do. Surprisingly, after the presentations and the cake, a huge cuban cigar appeared and we enjoyed it outside. In the meantime, some of our friends amused us with some unique puppet play.
The next day we sat back onto our meditation cushions, and the weekend continued. Later in the evening we had a chance to design our own Kagyu Stone and it was painted on site by Robi.

Kagyu Base Project

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