The significance of a Buddhist center

Készült: 2013. 01. 16.

When we take refuge from a buddhist teacher, we express our intention that we would like to reach the goal with the methods given by the Buddha, that we want to reach enlightment for the benefit of all beings.

This we accomplish by practicing three steps:

First, we need information and teachings as our mind falls back into the state of perceiving duality again and again, so we can experience every teaching as fresh and up-to-date.

Second, we need to meditate on a regular basis as this is the method that removes the veils obscuring our mind. Supported by our practice, the clarity of our mind unfolds in an ever-growing way, we can get closer and closer to realizing the ultimate truth.

Third, it is important that if we manage to gain some experience through meditation, we will be able to preserve it in our everyday life and use our body, speech, and mind for the benefit of others in an ever increasing way.


When we arrive in a buddhist center, we have to face the fact that that place includes all of the three possibilities mentioned above, its value cannot be overestimated. A buddhist center is the source of countless useful things, and it is an essential basis for our development.

In fact we are talking here about a powerfield where we can constantly get teachings about how to recognize our mind, and even about the goal itself: the potential inherent in all of us. We all meet here to face our inner possibilities again and again by using all those teachings that are a necessary source when proceeding on our way.

The buddhist center, where we can go together to meditate, gives place to numerous programs. If we take the time, we can meditate together with our friends, thus gaining even stronger results.


Finally, we can get strongest inspiration in the buddhist center. Staying in contact with the multitude of practitioners is a mirror for our inner richness. This speeds up our development as we share our experiences, while we see the world through the eyes of each other, perceiving the beauty of our inherent qualities. We also can meet aspects of our mind that need to be transformed if we want to develop. If we want to be there for the benefit of others in a beyond-personal way, this is the place where we can do so, accumulating countless liberating imprints in our mind and that of others.

A buddhist center is a powerfield where every single experience becomes a part of our development. In Budapest we did not even dream of the possibility that in some decades we could enjoy the blessing of the biggest Diamond Way Center in the world. The possibilities for our development are even more enriched by the new buildings.


Anybody supporting the activities of our center in any way gains imprints that will help them in this life, at the time of death, and in next lives until they reach full enlightment.

Everybody who can be a part of such a mandala either by supporting it or by using it is fortunate.


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