House clearing

Készült: 2012. 02. 04.

Február 4-5.


On the first weekend of Kagyu Base Project we decided to make the big house clearing to clean all the necessary places and get rid of all unwanted stuff. Lots of snow fell the same weekend, but it was not a setback at all. KBP funny 01 Walker


Like all the other working weekends we started with a breakfast. After that, half of the group cleared the basement; the other half cleaned the yard. We called it the “Big cleaning weekend”. All secret doors opened and lots of stuff appeared from the dark. The weekend was not about just work, but also fun outside, like snowball fights, building a snowman and so on. During the lunchtime the food was served by Zsuzsa who really enjoyed this role.zsuzsa


In the basement under “Little Italy” all the work was done at the end of the weekend. Cleaning and painting mostly. The space really vibrated with joy and was kept together by love.


We were all tired at the end of the day but nobody would want to miss this experience.






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