The Londoners ruined our center

Készült: 2012. 02. 18.

Február 18-19.

The day to start the demolition has come. This weekend the first containers for the construction waste arrived. That moment we realized that all we hoped for and all we feared became true. Kalman will beat out the first brick between Gergős room and the gym...

London centre friends arrived from Becske Saturday morning. The group was very lively, its members were Poles, English, Hungarians and other nations. The program was great, common meditation, lectures and many great programs. Of course we were good hosts and gave them a tour of the biggest Diamond Way Buddhist center in the world. They needed all the information because they were going to face a big project themselves soon. They were coming for shared experiences and to introduce their projects.

Saturday night we had a party where everyone dressed like Sherlock Holmes or an ancient Hun. I will not share more details so better come next time!

To tell the truth, the party made us wake up late... (Who knows why). By the time we got up the Londoners had started the demolition already. OK the “old boys of Budapest “ formed again – Kalman, Major, Denes, Gyuri and Peti. Help arrived from other centers in Hungary too. We are really thankful for all the help.


At the end of the day walls disappeared and the entrance to the gompa changed. Some of the guests enjoyed the great baths of Budapest too.

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