Good bye Gymmy

Készült: 2012. 03. 04.

Március 3-4.

Every one of us had their nose challenged by the sewer smell we could enjoy since the beginning of the construction. OK no problem, at least we can enjoy the transformation with all our senses.

This weekend the strong boys moved the gym (we called it gymmy for a while). Gimmy, our good old friend. He had done a lot for our health, so all the Dakas can train the hard muscles, the Dakinis worked on their bottoms.

Obviously we had to find another place for the gear. We wanted to continue the workouts. Some of us were searching a new place for weeks. The best place we wanted was a basement just opposite of our front door. Unfortunately, the owner disappeared for months. During the search many rumors started. The funniest one: in every room we will place one machine or one weight. Eventually two days before the final moving date the owner surfaced. Our gym got the new place and the guys could move to the basement. Two of our heroes started to break the walls later on. We felt it to be a historical moment.  

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