We build on Joy 2

Készült: 2012. 03. 19.

Március 15-19.


A Historical day! We all felt it when we arrived to the center this morning. Our mood was raised even more when Trebi, the chef, informed us only twenty people had registered for food. Sounded interesting, because in the morning around 60 people swarmed the yard. We had a long weekend (4 days) so everyone was ready to work. The main jobs were moving the VIP, the shop , preparing the new cafeteria , painting the front of the gompa... The real Kagyu Base feeling! Whatever you do it feels great and it’s really built on joy. Whatever you do, paint, break something apart or make a tea... Knowing you are in the best place and doing a meaningful job. The changes seemed to happen very quickly and so many people looked busy all around.


One group moved the beds from the dormitory (aka. VIP) another one was tearing up the floor... The state of the building looked like back in 2001. Some group tried to get rid of the rubbish from the basement (never ending project) another painted... the list of the jobs is endless. During the time when we moved the shop some marveled about the abilities of Szilvi Karolyi when she controlled 20 men easily. This group was like an army that destroys and rebuilds universes... The work was continuous, when someone sat down to eat, others still kept busy.





Summer arrivedfinally. As the temperature rose, more and more people appeared in the yard. Every one of us was ready to pick up the work where we left it yesterday. Painting the new rooms, the kitchen, making new bin storage. A never ending stream of fun because always some stuff appeared from the ruins. During the breaks everyone enjoyed the sunshine. Dirty, tired but 100% happy people everywhere. After the breaks few heros took apart the old cafeteria and moved it to the new one.










In the morning something felt funny. But what was it? A few guys had finished the floor of the new shop last night and already started to furnish it. After the breakfast every one of us was ready to start again. The work was so fast some of the jobs planned to finish Sunday were done Saturday already. Incredible, a lot of friends had come again. Work work work... Lunch was also fabulous, thanks friends from Eger! Within a minute all the tables and seats came out and a 20 meters long table appeared. Time to share the joy we accumulated so some of us drive down to Becske to listen to Christina Ferrando's lecture.







Sunday work started quietly with those who stayed. The shop and library was done already. Wonderful transformation. We cant believe our eyes, only the cleaning left.


 The boys are unstoppable. The storage places got new covers and roofs. The new stairs to the gompa were built too. New friends could enjoy stories from the “old guys” for example from Viktor who probably repainted the center for the 5th time.


… I think we did the quarterly communication plan:


We build on joy!


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