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Készült: 2012. 04. 02.

Március 31.


We can agree that if our mind can transform as quickly as the center during the construction, then we will be doing just fine. All right, we might need a few more eons until reaching rainbow light bodies, but the transformation is spectacular indeed. The Sangha shows the power how one can get people together. Many cities joined, such as Eger, Pecs, Gyöngyös, or Paks. Almost a hundred practitioners ignited the engine of the work machine . The result: all the work was done by Saturday evening. Surprisingly so, as it was plenty of work, moving the cafeteria and so on. By the time the kitchen team got ready with the food, nobody risked to meet the hunger of the workers. The heros removed some parts of the roof which caused a bit of excitement because of the strong wind.moni

There always is something happening in the corners of the center. The dakinis were cleaning the new cafeteria and changing the carpets of 28 chairs. Very funny to see how office workers, journalists, lawyers and others employ different methods for the same task. Remove and replace the carpet of the chairs. One has a feeling like watching one of Robi's movies. Everything looks like not even happening in reality. In the meantime the yard looks like a junkyard. Some of the guys try to save all the usable stuff from the junk. Saturday we closed the day with a party celebrating Masi's birthday.







Április 1.


Most of the bigger tasks finished already on Saturday, so we had time for the more sophisticated jobs. It was time to move the statue-filling workshop. Like a treasury! Sunday was more peaceful and quiet. Some of the friends drove to Becske to show our wonderful retreat place to Birgit from Bremen. Becske always is beautiful, the weather was crystal clear and cold and the stupa looked beautiful as always.


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