Planking and demolition machines

Készült: 2012. 06. 04.

Április 29- május 1. 



IMG 5014Before this weekend we had a feeling of the “War of worlds” coming this weekend. That was the first weekend when we put the working weekend of Budapest and Becske to the same date. We decided to spend the first 2 days in Becske, the second 2 in Budapest. This weekend, dedicated to “save what we can” to take out all usable stuff from the old kitchen and dormitory. It was a strange feeling to watch the floor being torn up. It looked like a hundred years old. With old stuff, old stories came up about friends who lived in the dormitory over the years. We all agreed this weekend was dedicated to strong boys and diligent girls. The boys tore up the old floor, the girls took them out. The feeling stayed the same, like a “gypsy camp”, junk in every corner. Lots of work = lots of fun. On the 1st of May we celebrated the work, with work. Thankfully we had enough time to meditate and relax too. 

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