Reporting from the construction

Készült: 2013. 02. 27.

The construction of the new wing of the Budapest Mediation Center started last July with the demolishion of the old buildings. The heavy machines tore them apart easily. The demolishing team was professionnal, only the outer walls remained as those are under national protection.  

.01 bont02 fur

In September a special unit occupied the yard and drilled 32 holes for the heat pumps. We need those for the green energy that will help the new buildings heat up or cool down.


03 daru05 szerkezet

The real construction started in October with the foundation of the new buildings.

A huge 40 meter tall tower crane was standing in the middle of the yard. With its help tons of steel and concrete made it to the new building from the lorries in the street.


05 korovnal

The structure of the new buildings was built in November and December. This time we could see where the future walls will be. It finished by end of January. The two new wings are standing already , stairs are done too. At the moment, carpenters are working on the roof structure.

06 teto


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