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Készült: 2013. 02. 28.

The adventures of the Kagyu Stone at the top of the world.

Reporting from Kathmandu where I try to fulfill my mission. Swayambu is nice and clean, I can not leave it there as it would be moved the next day. So I decided that the stone and I will visit all the sacred places and we will see in the end where it can stay. The first place is Swayambu.


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Kathmandu, 2013. February 08.

After visiting Swayambu, the waking up in the morning was difficult due to having to climb the stairs.Lopon Tschecu Rinpoche said that if you are in Kathmandu, the first thing you should visit is the Swayambu stupa. Although, one should not stop at the stairs, one should get up without a rest or stopping. Nevermind. Today we are going to Patan. This is the old town of Kathmandu, very beautiful. Todays mission is to find nice statues for the dharma shop. In this district one can hear the sounds of the tools. Almost in every house is a statue-making workshop.   


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Kathmandu 2013 February 10.


Moving around the city today was quite a task. All the public transport and taxis stopped due to some strike. Only a few busses in the city are for tourists. I have to notice there is a good side of this. The city is quiet (no horns from the traffic) and the air more clear. Anyway, let's go to Bodnath Stupa. We accomplished the task and were able to place the stone on the bumpa's stairs for a while. Next stop was a tiny sacred place called Pharping. Here a semi-wrathful dakini tried to get rid of us but my assistant informed her we are also practitoners and students of Karmapa, Sherab Gyalsten Rinpoche and so on. This broke the ice eventually. The two places in the pictures where we were are a Vajrayogini place and a Guru Rinpoche cave.






Vajrayogini place:



Guru Rinpoche place


It reminded me Lopon Tschechu Rinpoche.



Kathmandu 2013 February 26

Our last challenge is to meet up with Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche. Zsuzsa organized the meeting that night. It was bit difficult, because Rinpoche was holding the month-long Many puja from 6AM-6PM every day. He only had time to work and accept visitors afterwards. He was very tired so we were asked to keep it short if possible. We did and here is the evidence.




We told Rinpoche what the Kagyu Stone represents and surprisingly he gave us even a donation of 101 USD! We were very happy. Rinpoche was really tired so we left him to have a rest.

So what is going to happen with the Kagyu Stone? Well, it will be placed inside of the oldest and most sacred stupa... Not right now, approximately two months from now. We will be informed with images if everything goes well.


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