Walk around tour on Sunday

Készült: 2013. 05. 16.

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During the meditation weekend there was a chance to get a guided tour in the new buildings. Guided by one of the architects Szilvia Károlyi aka ”Hugi” who explained the present state.There were ”old customers” , but new people came to have a look too. We could see parts of the floor heating on the floor of the child-playing area. In the future,q cafeteria Evi treated us with some nice cookies. We were not able to climb out to the roof , the isolation was still fresh. We are amazed again and again of the size of the new gompa. Still hard to visualize the future 2m tall Buddha statue. There will be space for everyone for meditation and prostrations too. Szilvi was happy to answer all the questions to everyone. She showed us the interior visualization, so far in black and white only. Regardless, everyone could imagine how it will look like in the future. There will be more guided tours on every meditation weekend, everyone is welcome to join!


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