A New Statue for the Budapest Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

Készült: 2015. 06. 22.

As many of you already know, our Budapest Diamond Way Buddhist Centre will soon be further embellished with a beautiful, brand new Buddha statue! And what a statue it is! Almost 1,70 meters tall, it will crown our new Gompa, inaugurated only last year. Our teacher, Lama Ole Nydahl, wished to have large Shakyamuni Buddha statues of the finest quality for the main Diamond Way Buddhist centers in the West. Already similar statues have been unveiled and blessed in the Europe Center, in Hamburg and in London.

In Tibetan Buddhism, statues represent and transmit enlightened qualities such as wisdom and compassion. Therefore manufacturing such a statue requires much more than artistic and technical skill. It requires a precise knowledge of the geometry of enlightening feedback, and a connection to a transmission lineage of Buddhist masters. Every traditionally prepared statue is then filled with special objects and substances, such as relics, rolls of mantras, precious stones, flowers and other offerings collected among Sangha members.

The statue-filling team for the Budapest Buddha statue is trained and guided by Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, a highly respected Karma Kagyu lama who inaugurated the first statue of the series at the Europe Center this summer.

A statue thus prepared and blessed by a liberated Buddhist master is a source of inspiration and blessing for everyone who sees it, meditates near it, or creates a karmic connection to its construction or filling.

If you wish to support this auspicious project please feel free to bring the following offerings to the Statue Filling room in the first level of our Budapest Center :

Dry flower, medicinal herbs, aromatic oils, “water” (from Balaton, Duna, Tisza), semiprecious or precious stones, gold, silver or monetary donations are welcome.

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