An Ocean of Mantras

Készült: 2015. 06. 23.

Whenever a new Statue is to be prepared for unveiling and blessing, the filling procedure is the most time consuming, since lots of special filling items are needed. Among the things that will be placed inside the statue are mantras. Mantras are syllables and words that express a particular enlightened aspect of mind, and which are often used in our meditations.

As you may have witnessed, the preparations for our new Buddha Statue started months ago, and the first thing we did was prepare the paper where millions of mantras would later be printed and which would then be rolled in order to go into the statue.

Many of our Sangha friends volunteered to prepare sheets with the many mantras printed in Tibetan. The mantras are dyed with saffron water, which has preservative properties. They must then be dried, cut, and rolled. In order to get the required amount, which is millions, we will need to prepare thousands of sheets.11391782 10207329605624899 1603963458955514781 nIMG 0497


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