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Készült: 2012. 07. 23.

Megérkezett!This morning the first demolition machine arrived. Eventually, impemanence reached our beloved old buildings. Entering the Budapest center was not an easy task for the huge machine, as you can see in the video. It is really amazing how it was able to squeeze itself through the gate. This attraction, together with a screaming metal sound on concrete, started around 6am in the morning. It probably caused severe heart attack to the sangha members and the tenants nearby. To prevent future shock, we had a meeting with the people living around the center to inform them about the construction and the future plans.


Picture and Video: 
(Watch this video for your own risk! KBP do not take any responsibility about the damages this video might cause!)


img 3143 Our beloved old building, that was home to the old cafeteria and dormitory, slowly disappeared as the workers and machines did their job. We buddhists were watching from behind the fence time to time with great curiosity, but the center life was going on as usual. It was a perfect occasion to make some party , so we had the very first Kagyu Base Party in the new cafeteria. We are looking forward to see the new buildings grrise up soon, but in the meantime please do not enter the site for health and safety reasons.




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